DLP Cardiac Partners

DLP Cardiac Partners, a part of Duke LifePoint Healthcare, has been a leader in cath lab partnerships and mobile cath lab since 1988. Hospitals and physicians throughout the Carolinas rely on DLP Cardiac Partners as their partner for launching new services and expanding existing ones.  

Cath Lab Partnerships

When it comes to developing or managing cardiac cath labs, DLP Cardiac Partners offers many advantages. Their proven operating models, combined with financial, clinical and management expertise, mean improved operational efficiency and high-quality performance for the hospitals and physicians with which they work.

DLP Cardiac Partners also boasts extraordinary purchasing power for state-of-the-art equipment and technology, and an extensive supply purchasing network. In addition, DLP Cardiac Partners’ facilities have a proven track record of high employee satisfaction and low turnover.

Mobile Cardiac Cath and Angiography Labs

Since 1988, DLP Cardiac Partners has provided mobile labs to more than 250 hospitals nationwide.  Founded as a mobile cath lab company – a true mobile pioneer – its foundation has held firm and allowed the company to evolve into the world-class cardiovascular business that it is today.

Hospitals can start a new service or add capacity with DLP Cardiac Partners’ Mobile Cardiac Catheterization and Angiography Labs. To learn more, visit www.dlpcardiacpartners.com.