Benefits of Partnering

Building a Healthier Future Together.

Affiliating with Duke LifePoint provides healthcare organizations with a strong and stable voice in today’s unpredictable healthcare environment. We work with each of our organizations to develop strategic plans to move them into the future. We offer unmatched clinical and operational resources that can help them grow, offer more opportunities for their employees, better serve their communities, and prosper for the long term.

Duke LifePoint offers powerful benefits to your hospital:

  • Support to continue enhancing patient care for the community
  • Financial stability and security
  • Ability to expand services
  • Support to develop new specialized services
  • Support for medical staff
  • Support to recruit and retain physicians
  • Ability to ensure continuity of care for patients through tertiary and quaternary care available through Duke
  • Capital to invest in new technology and services
  • Access to hospitals, clinics and healthcare providers throughout the Duke and LifePoint systems

A partnership with Duke LifePoint also benefits the community:

  • Economic development impact as one of the largest employers in the community
  • New tax revenue from sales and property taxes, which can be used to support local government
  • Sale proceeds generate funds that can be used to create a foundation to meet crucial  community needs
  • Assurance of essential services to the community

We bring solutions to meet the needs of your hospital and your community.